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Areas Of Expertise

COGNIPIX provides system, hardware, software, and project management expertise through design services, product development, and intellectual property.  We specialize in:

  • Software Design
    • Embedded, application, driver, DSP, networking, Linux, Windows, RTOS
  • System Design
    • Concept-to-prototype system design including requirements definition and reverse engineering
    • Video Transcoding
    • High Performance Computing
  • Board Design
    • From High speed/High complexity to small size/low power and in between.
  • Algorithms and Intellectual Property
    • Developing wide variety of IP (Optical Flow, Human Pose Recognition, Stereo Vision, Face Recognition, Structure From Motion etc.)
    • Image Processing
    • Machine Learning


Experience and project track record makes COGNIPIX a valued partner when working on the most complex, custom, or demanding FPGA, SoC, and DSP applications.